Emergenza Finals, here we come!

Ballbags, dickheads, punks and princesses: We owe you big time for this one!
We’re off to Store VEGA thanks to you…
We had some video recorded tonight, which – whenever we get drunk enough to edit – is going to end up whereever you feel like looking for it…
Thank you, thank you – and thanks again!

– yours truly, JFK Jr.

VEGA 21/3 confirmed

It’s official! We’re playing VEGA on the 21’st of march as part of Emergenza Festival.
Thanks for everyone who voted for us back at RUST, we’re looking forward to rock your pants again soon!

Tickets are available in pre-sale through our website for only 85 DKK. Tickets sold through Emergenza Festival or at VEGA will go for 110 DKK.
We’ve got 100 tickets up for grabs, so get yours while they last!